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Name: James Lollio (Rick) < >
Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011 9:59 AM
Location: Garden City, Mi 48135
thank you for doing a good job chhs web site I went to chhs from 69-72 I loved those years can't wait to see old friends

Name: Denise Smith < >
Date: Saturday, March 05, 2011 7:28 PM
Location: Alpena, Michigan
Graduated class of 1981 from the big Smith family (mike, scott, mark, kurt ,denise and danny) looking if anyone is planning a 30 year class reunion for 1981 and any information on class mates.

Name: Tom Stack < <> >
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 3:08 AM
Location: Oxford, Michigan
How quickly time has passed. Still remember many of the good times and classmates from CHHS. Trying to locate former CHHS friends and have been fairly successful on Facebook. To anyone that knew me, feel free to give me a shout.

Name: Tom Vigneux < >
Date: Friday, August 24, 2010 11:36 PM
Location: Mesa, AZ
I find it very hard to understand why the past is important to some. I personally have found it very much a life saver for me to leave michigan and HS. I do appreciate the fact that people have good memories of HS.

Name: Linda Horton <>
Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 11:16 PM
Location: Somers, NY
Class of '67. Have been in recent contact with Alison Leonard & Bev Witt. Taking a trip down memory lane and they were some very good memories. Married w/ 2 grown kids, no grandkids yet, so I baby a 12 year old lab and my hubby. Checked a web site & saw way too many of our classmates have passed on. We're just not that old!

Name: Mark Schnizlein <>
Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 12:32 PM
Location: Arizona/Michigan
Hello everyone. I have many fond memories. I guess I liked school because I've spent the last 30 years as a teacher, principal and superintendent. That means I've eaten more than 40 years of school lunches....

Name: John Horvath <>
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:07 AM
Location: United States
Just surfing the net and came across this site. What a ton of memories have flashed through my head (most of them good,a few not as good,ha,ha). But it's great to see some of the names from way back when!

Name: Kathryn (Olsavsky) Brown-Ashley (Class of 70) <>
Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 1:04 PM
Location: Shelby Township, MI
As I near the end of my career as a high school teacher, I still thank the teachers like Mr. Hahn, Mr. Langeneckert and Mr. Parrington, who helped me develop my love of learning. Mr. Werner taught me the importance of extracurricular activities. I loved CHHS! (1970)

Name: Rod Pendergrass (Class of 73) <>
Date: Friday, October 23, 2009 11:57 PM
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Moved to JAX from OKC in Nov 08 for new job. I work for DHS, US Customs, Air & Marine Branch. Friends or anyone from the reunion committee may contact me for address info.

Name: Sheila Schneider <>
Date: 2009-04-21
Would love to hear from someone from between the years of 1970-1976. I graduated in 1973 from Cherry Hill High. My maiden name is Honeycutt. Thank you, have a blessed evening, Sheila

Name: steve olsavsky <>
Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008 4:33 AM
Location: rochester hills, mi
Forefront of secondary education? I don't know about that, but it certainly provides memories for those of us who went there. At the last reunion, we were allowed inside and I was amazed at how little had changed. The senior lounge is still intact; the shuffleboard game is still on the floor outside of the old cafeteria; the band room even looks the same and I could swear it was the same old piano sitting in the middle. I suppose these memories were filed somewhere in the back of my mind, but they were hidden until seeing it again. I suggest the same for all grads of the old school.

Name: Sheila Schneider <>
Date: 2008-02-27
ok,lets see who all is still with us and how they are doing,why is all the attention focused on the years 69-71 what happened to classes 72-79?luvnhugs,sheila

Name: Dawn [Hunter] Vollmer <>
Date: 2008-01-25
I would have graduated the class of 71, but we moved to Port Huron, Mi. in my sophomore year. I went to David Hicks from kindergarten, John Hill Jr. High & Cherry Hill High School for 9th grade. I lived at 461 Greenwood. I went to school & grew up with Marilyn Golf, Connie Broz, Terry Sawchuck, Ricky Tanner,Rick Esplen, Donald Groh,Mark Schlitzlein, Denise Kaczymarek,the Olsen Family lived down the street from us. Peggy Johnson was also a classmate of mine & shared the same birthday as I. I just recently heard Cherry Hill wasn't a High School anymore, can someone please tell me what happened? When I left it was considered a state of the art high school. Would love to hear from the kids I grew up with, through grade school - high school.

Name: Joan (Bates) Trainor <>
Date: 2007-11-27
I happened across this site today by accident. What fun remembering those years. Hope to find out more in the future.

Name: Lori (Timoszyk) Miller <>
Date: Sunday, November 06, 2005 7:27 AM
Location: Newberry, MI
Class of '79. Some good memories.

Name: Christine <>
Date: Friday July 8, 2005 10:00 PM
Location: Bielak
I got a laugh out of seeing a photo of my name-sake. Whoda thought there were 2 people with this name!!!

Name: C.W. <>
Date: Thursday Jan 13, 2005 11:13 AM
Location: Texas
gosh good old cherry hill; remember it well; was there at 1963 to 1967 grad. We were the first grad. class to have our pictures in the lobby if I can remember right? I was in the SP. ED. class then. That class was so new back in 1967. but i got on the honer Roll in 1967. If anyone remembers me give me some feed back.

Name: Joe Morris <>
Date: 2004-12-01
Looking for classmates from 1980 class

Name: Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Date: Sunday, June 20, 2004 6:44 PM
Location: Jackson, Tennessee
Hi everyone - July 2005 will be the next Cherry Hill all school reunion. Email me if you'd like more info or would like to serve on the committee and I'll let Debbie Troyer Stone know. Also, please help spread the word. Thanks.

Name: Dave Dennington <>
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 7:12 PM
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Class of 1975. Go Spartans! I wonder how many of us have survived these many years. Great school and great times at ole CHHS. I'm still in contact with many of the olde gang. Guys from '75, '74 and '76. Good luck to all who happen on to this page. And thanks to those who took the time to put this webpage together. The CHHS sarcasm is still intact.

Name: Jenny Auge Smith <>
Date: 2004, 04/26 10:13 PM
Location: Flint, Michigan
I lived in Inkster for several years and attended Cherry Hill High School in the mid 1960's. I have many fond memories of crazy and fun times! But I just learned that the high school closed. Say it isn't so!

Name: Joseph Toy Snipes <>
Date: 2004, 01/13 2:12 AM
Location: Lakewood, California
Wow! A website for my old school. Sorry to say I have lost contact with many old friends from my Senior year there (1974) but I wish them all well. My history since can be viewed at

Name: Fred Hone <>
Date: 2004, 1/1 6:19 AM
Location: California (Los Angeles)
I enjoyed reading your site very much. Perhaps the school is nothing more than a reflection of the society and it's changing. It is that constant friction of change that both lifts us and breaks us. When I think of my years at CHHS I think of them as a far off place frozen in time. Perhaps it is not the school we hunger for but merely that time and our youth . . . a battle man has fought since the very beginning.
Class of '73
Fred Hone


Name: Roger Neuman <>
Date: 2003-03-25
Hello there,
I am intrigued by this "SECRET SOCIETY" and would like to hear much more about it. Perhaps I can fill in some of the gaps, I was there from 1980 - 1985. And if you can help me get ahold of some yearbooks, I'D APPRECIATE IT. Please Email me, thanks.


Name: Dale Moore <>
Date: 2002, 10/27
John Schneider , I'm impressed by your wit and writing style. Keep up the good work; these web pages are fantastic reading and of course the memories churned up from long ago are great fun.My last memories of CHHS were of getting kicked out of the "all-niter class party" for climbing the inside cafeteria wall with other felonious characters attempting to make our get-away from the school roof and into the parking lot to get a car and buy some beer. But,we were nabbed as we were climbing down into the parking lot by (I think ) Mr.(Chief Big Ears) Grasely and kicked out...NOT a good note to end things on, but so what, go's on.
Class of "70


Name: Marc Wohlfeil <>
Date: 2002, 7/25
I am amazed that there is site for CHHS. Any swimmers out their? Class of '84

Name: Gloria Repp <>
Date: 2002, 6/11
Boy, wish the clock could be turned back!!

Class of '71


Name: Debbie Cox
Date: 2002-05-25
Great site to stumble upon. High school was a blast!!
Debbie Cox (Kenney) Class of 1973


Name: Les "Less Ink" Marinko <>
Date: 2002-03-16
To all Blue and Gold Spartans,
There will be a get to gether on 3/22/02 at the former Mexican restaurant on Inkster Road 1/4 mile south of Cherry Hill. Hope to see you there. Spread the word.


Name: ivan hone <>
Date: 2002-01-29
i would have been the class of 62,but our family moved in 1961..
we lived right across the street from the school,we watched it being built..
david hicks was my junior high school(7th grade only)
my best friends james and bob green still live in the area(bob green has passed on )
cherry hill high school is always a great memory of school days
ivan hone


Name: Les Marinko <>
Date: 2002-01-27
Nice site, thanks for my picture over the head of my big sister Julie. If you look close you will notice that's Roseanne Polavino (AKA The Green Maverick) sitting behind Julie.
(who was a long time member of the Class of '72)


Name: larry maier <>
Date: 2002-01-16
First graduating class of 62

Name: Dave Altmeyer <>
Date: 2001-11-19
Class of '67

Name: ron anderson <>
Date: 2001-09-03
great to see some of the old pics
ron class of 71